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Lots planned for 2007, starting with wishing you all the best.

Comics Commentary on Lucifer's Garden Vol. 1: The Devil on Fever Street
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See you next year,
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Lucky Thirteen...

Spent last weekend greeting readers at MADRID EXPOCOMIC 2006... the image above is from the Spanish newspaper ABC... the image below is of one exhausted cartoonist.

NEW REVIEWS: CODE Z on Between the Devil & Miles Davis (HERE)
Lance Tooks

ahem...Where Was I? Oh, yeah...

Took a lot longer than I'd expected to recuperate from the Lucifer's Garden of Verses series: Four full length graphic novels in two years, in addition to various short stories & illustration projects (and a fully translated NARCISSA)... Whew!
Up next for Tooks is a new graphic novel (shhhhh...),
& a collaboration with Harvey Pekar (of American Splendor fame),
& I'll be selling NARCISSA (version español) at the Salon de Comics Madrid, November 30- December 2, 2006.

Lucifer's Garden book 4: Between the Devil & Miles Davis is available in stores and on the web, as are previous volumes:
series overview
series site
At the following three links you'll find the most recent critical response to the book:




Lance Tooks

Remember Katrina?

I created this piece three days after the New Orleans Levees broke, as media reports relayed the uncertain fates of those trapped in the Superdome.

Thanks to Robert Bienvenu for including my story in his relief anthology, available here:
Lance Tooks

Where were YOU in '82?

While an Assistant Editor at Marvel Comics, I began to fill up two hardcover 'Grafitti' sketchbooks a year, with ideas, concepts, designs & freeform sketches. I'd been advised by legendary mentors Marie Severin & John Romita Sr. to draw everyday... and I took their words to heart. Beginning in 1982, the forty-five volumes that followed have taught me much, charted my creative development, acted as a personal diary, & gotten me a ton of work!
From book one, this brief autobiographical strip:

More to come!
Lance Tooks

Back to the ol' drawing board

Well rested, thanks... with 2 new graphic novels in the oven & a possible high profile collaboration in the works. More soon.

In stores now: Lucifer's Garden of Verses vol#4: Between the Devil & Miles Davis,
Graphic Classics vol#1: Edgar Allan Poe (revised edition) a 5pg collaboration with editor Tom Pomplun,
Chimurenga vol#9 special Comics issue of a South African arts publication featuring 9 pages of Tooks.

New & unusual reviews of:
Lucifer's Garden of Verses vol#3: The Student
...complete with scenes acted out radio-style from the book! (Ron Evry's podcast- scroll down to #8)
Lucifer's Garden of Verses vol#4: Between the Devil & Miles Davis (a conservative take on Tooks)
...and, this just in: (another look at the Devil & Miles.)

Here's wishing you a bearable summer, Lance Tooks

See you in August!

Lance Tooks

NARCISSA's world...

My friend, designer Jane Gussin recently borrowed one of NARCISSA's cast of characters for use in the film TONY & TINA'S WEDDING. More of Jane's fine design here:

On Summer Girls in Winter Moods

Lance Tooks


Lucifer's Garden book 4: Between the Devil & Miles Davis arrives in stores soon:
series overview
series site
In book 3 of the series, Satan appears in the form of a critic. Here's what a few devils have had to say about the work:
ol' scratch
lord o' flies
prince o' darkness
horned one
There were others, but I ran out of "nick"names. Thanks to all of them for helping spread the word... I sincerely appreciate it.
Lance Tooks

It never occurred to me that we might actually win something...

Many thanks to the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention & the 2006 Glyph Awards panel for honoring my "Lucifer's Garden 2: Darlin' Niki" with a pair of awards... Best Writer & Best Female Protagonist. That they cared enough to nominate my work in such illustrious company was gracious enough, but this was a truly welcome surprise. Thanks especially to my publisher at NBM, Terry Nantier and his staff... and to my family & friends for their continuing support. More news here:
Lance Tooks

The yearly EAST COAST BLACK AGE of COMICS CONVENTION is fast approaching in Philadelphia. I regret that I can't attend this year (I was at the first one a few years back) but wish all attendees, coordinators & my fellow Glyph award nominees the best show ever. Check here for info:

Lance Tooks
(illustration from LUCIFER'S GARDEN of VERSES volume 2: DARLIN' NIKI published by NBM)

Level the Vibes

A series of reggae album covers from the late 90's created for PowWow records.

Philosophical nights



One of my childhood heroes turns 80 tomorrow.

Roger Corman's film 'X- the Man with the X-Ray Eyes' inspired this tribute image:

I also started sketchbook 44 today... here's page one: the likely cover of my next graphic novel.

Shalom, everybody. Lance Tooks


"Narrated by hermaphroditic Lucifer ("Light-Bringer," à la similarly illuminating herm Tiresias in graphic novel marrying illustration + photo à la un/reality) pondering own relevance in face of (unambiguous) human atrocity (weight of real world pressing on superstition ) as apocalypse approaches (for him: end of fantastic face of evil – "man shall ascend"), summons hip-hop demons Beelzebub + Belial (Milton’s fallen angels; society’s rejects engine of soc’s downfall), who’ve cooked up scheme to tempt arts activist (w/illo Tooks’ diabolical plot to spur personal Armageddon thru work) Black Lily (mixture of im/purities; temptation testing own motives in creating) Baptiste (cleansing/initiatory function similar to Luc’s); switch in voice to hers (emergence of Luc’s fem-side – mirrored on opposite pages/panels – as he becomes purely masculine, fem influence in world to counter macho-fueled destruction), introducing self + community (explosion of devil + demons’ ow…

What grows in Lucifer’s Garden?

In choosing a theme for my next graphic novel after Narcissa (Random House/Doubleday 2002), I decided to return once again to my 40 volumes of hardcover sketchbooks. I’ve been filling up these books at a rate of two a year for two decades, and they’re filled with literally hundreds of story ideas and character designs. I’d gotten the idea ten years ago to collect a group of my fantasy stories with a related theme into an anthology series, under the title “Demon Flowers”. It was to include the tales which eventually saw print in an altered form for NBM publishing, and a few yarns that didn’t.
In 2003 I pitched an unrelated piece to NBM, and veteran publisher Terry Nantier told me about his Comics Lit line of books and its guidelines for content. Sure that I had something appropriate in my personal cartoon encyclopedia, I promised to return with a better pitch.
Literally the night before our next meeting a few months later, I cobbled together a new title for the proposed book series: “L…

The Devil made me do it:

Knew either I'd finish this book or it would finish me...
...happy to report that I'm still standing.

Book 4 done.

Narcissa charms Granada

An exhausting but enjoyable weekend passed in Granada, where the graphic novel was embraced by the town that largely inspired it. Published by Ediciones la Veleta (the comics salon) & supported by the Diputacion de Granada and Junta de Andalucia (the government), a good time was had by all... more news as it develops.

While in Granada, I had the privilege of meeting in person, Sokari Ekine, editor of the very fine weblog "Black Looks". You won't find a better current affairs journal anywhere: at turns sharp, poignant, irreverent & informed... much like Sokari, herself. Check it out here:

Vamos a...

(Lets go to...)


Off to Granada mañana to premiere the Spanish edition of Narcissa. Here's the cover to the original Random House edition from 2002. This full figure version appears in a barely visible 20% gray on the book's back cover. It's cropped as seen below for the front cover. Something moldy from the vault.

TAJ: Girlfighter

A sketchbook drawing from the mid 90's became a 2003 Sequential Tart cover... it accompanied an interview about Narcissa & more... it's also available on a host of Cafe Press items available at the Sequential Tart website. The character, Taj, was a Bronx high schooler with a dream to be a boxer... maybe her story'll get told someday.
Tooks 2003 interview here:



between the Devil & Miles Davis

Currently working round the clock on 'Lucifer's Garden of Verses, Book 4: Between the Devil & Miles Davis'.
More words about this & the other 3 volumes in the NBM graphic novel series soon.
Or, a peek here:

Haven't had a decent nights sleep in sixteen years.

Convention sketches, 2004

Congratulations to Turtel Onli for a successful Black Age of Comics convention in Chicago last weekend. A massive undertaking that turned out very well. I was there in spirit.
By some strange jerk of fate, I now live closer to Granada, Spain than to Chicago... so that's where I'll be in two weeks, signing the Spanish language edition of 'Narcissa' at the Salon de Comics, Granada. March 9th - 12th... hasta la vista!