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African-American Classics is coming! First reviews are in... order now!


African-American Classics is coming your way in December, and then...


African-American Classics...


Plagued by Paparazzi...

My secret ambition to become the most photographed celebrity since Marlin Perkins continues with this latest Madrid sighting… have a look at Jose Luis’ Flickr page by clicking here!

Taken @ the Taberna Encantada, home of the best dish on the planet, "Los Huevos PakaRotos"! (Pictured below, along with a couple more sketches done there last week.)

Don't hate me 'cuz I'm beautiful!
Lance Tooks
PS.. Extra Special BONUS link HERE! “You know you’re unchained when…”

Heroes at large...

One of the funnier byproducts of last Thanksgiving's Alabama visit, was a message sent to me by my 13 year old self, which arrived in the form of a timeworn stack of my earliest homemade comics. Above, you'll notice my recent reply to him... below, some bits of the books themselves. (as always, click to enlarge if you care to.)

Back in the mid 70's, superheroes ruled the American comic book roost, and there were few real "Graphic Novels" to speak of. I taught myself to tell these visual tales one shaky image at a time, and enjoyed every minute of it! I loved animals, so pretty much every superhero I'd ever created for myself was inspired by my favorite ones. "Write what you know," as they say.

"He was Desmond E. Andrews... Scientist, Animal Phsycologist (sic... I always had trouble spelling that one), Expert on Mutations. Until a freak experiment turned him into a 'missing link!' A cross between a man and the animal he worked on... A Livi…

The adventure continues...

Have a look at some recent unrelated bar sketches and drawings for my current project, an Arabian Nights inspired short story for Graphic Classics. I'll tell you more about it in a bit... I hope the weather's great wherever you are, and that your summer's even better!

And here's a drawing I did for Madrid's Expomanga in Solidarity with Japan.

All my best, Lance Tooks

Sketches of Spring...

Drawings from last week @ La Taberna Encantada in Lavapies...

Happy World Book and Copyright Day! More here:
Have a great and productive spring!
Lance Tooks