Convention sketches, 2004

Congratulations to Turtel Onli for a successful Black Age of Comics convention in Chicago last weekend. A massive undertaking that turned out very well. I was there in spirit.
By some strange jerk of fate, I now live closer to Granada, Spain than to Chicago... so that's where I'll be in two weeks, signing the Spanish language edition of 'Narcissa' at the Salon de Comics, Granada. March 9th - 12th... hasta la vista!


Word! said…
Yo' Lance,

It has been quite some years since I met you at Harlem Week in NY but the groove is there. I am honored and very thankful we could do this for your work and you. The Sistah's on Narcissa panel was great. It included a psychologist who lectures at DePaul University, a school assistant principal who co-wrote Sustah-Girl, Queen of the Black Age andcreated the Grammar Patrol, as the moderator, a few public school teachers, an art administrator, and an graphic novel enthusiast. I was very moved they all agreed and the crowd dug it. I am still harvesting the photos and video clips from it all. Then I plan to edit it into an hour long documentary for education purposes. The buzz going around the room and at the Black Age Convention that night was, "where is Lance?" I told them you lived in Spain and I teased that maybe we should all get together and go to visit you. I could use a mailing address for you.....if one exists. You and your work are so important to this movement.

See you later in the Black Age,


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