Back in print…

…after a month and a half of tech problems, I’m back online and posting on a brand new Mac Mini. My scanner’s not together yet, so here are some outtakes from my book “Lucifer’s Garden of Verses vol. 1 The Devil on Fever Street” that were stored on my harddrive… accompanied by a whole bunch of reviews for my recent contributions to the Graphic Classics series of adaptations. (Thanks to my friend Tom Pomplun for the links… and the work!)
  • Comicmix

  • Comicbits

  • Forbidden Planet

  • Comics Industry News

  • AV Club

  • Sequart

  • Count Gore

  • and my personal favorite.

  • Now, it's back to the drawing board... I’m currently adapting 3 interviews from Studs Turkel's WORKING for Hill & Wang, Oscar Wilde’s THE BALLAD OF READING GAOL for Graphic Classics, and creating ANANSI'S DREAMBOOK, an original Graphic Novel for NBM. Hope you like them!

    Lance Tooks


    Mister Ron said…
    As ever, nice stuff...
    A Mac mini? I thought you were a man!?! That's like the moped of computers! You should've gotten the Chrysler of computers!! Hey, at least you got a Mac. Good to see you posting again.

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