Something old, something new...

2010 ended with a much needed trip back home to the states...
I had a great opportunity to visit family, then return to Madrid with a host of goodies to share here @ my "Journal." More to come as 2011 progresses, but here's a blast from waaay in the past, 1977 to be precise!
Like every cartoonist on the planet, I started making my own comics as a small kid. By the time I'd created this pair of images, I was already a six year veteran of homemade funnybook creation.
"The Jaguar," was a dying surgeon who received a transfusion of jaguar DNA in the nick of time. He immediately decided to stalk the night in search of evildoers, as would anyone in the same situation.

...and here's a pair of 2011 bar sketches, the second is of fellow expat Josephine Baker. Her life story would make a terrific graphic novel! Hmmm...

This promises to be a great year... I'm hard at work on a dream project with two dozen amazing artists and I can't wait to share details with you!
Watch this space, friends!
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