Nothing but Star Wars...

For the Twentieth Anniversary of the first Star Wars trilogy, I was hired by Parham Santana Agency 
to create cartoon portraits of the various iconic characters and spacecraft, which appeared internationally on bottles of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Mountain Dew. It amazes me 
that this happened nearly twenty years ago, but that's time for you.
 Longtime Tooks Family friend, Chief Osceola Townsend of the Matinecock Tribal Nation of Queens and Long Island, NY tipped off a reporter at New York Newsday about my involvement in the project, and the newspaper sent a photographer to snap my photo in our local Key Food Supermarket in front of several rows of two liter soda bottles, then sent journalist Collin Nash to interview me in my home.
 Here are a few of the finished bottles, complete with agency, client and art director's notes. It was a fun project to work on, and it paid well too. All images copyright Lucasfilm and Pepsico.

 And here, never before shared publicly, are the full set of my drawings for the project. They went with three images for the final labels, but there were quite a few other images sold. The various ships and crafts were practically traced from the Star Wars stylebook, as per the client's instructions, with little embellishments of my own. I share those too in the interest of completeness, which as you can 
probably imagine, is a requirement to participate fully in the Tribal Nation of Star Wars Nerd-dom.

 Happy Holidays fellow travelers, from Lance Tooks


Peter Peterson said…
Hello Lance,

Keep up the great Art work, your scratches and art design gets just gits more amazing with time...

Your biggest fan,
Super Creator said…
the drawings are very well done

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