...and the artist is taking a not particularly earned vacation from his learned vocation.

Here find a couple of odds and ends from various parts of the web...(click to enlarge) ...for example, from the very odd site, TOOGLE.COM... this mosaic turns up when the name Lance Tooks is entered...

...then LanceTooks with no space between...

...then TooksNarcissa (maybe Tooks narcissistic would've been more accurate)...

From the early 80's, a young Tooks appearance in an issue of Marvel Comics' WHAT IF series. (Caricature by Ron Zalme)

A cameo of my friend Narcissa, from the Eureka Fantasy Classics adaptation of Nathaniel Hawthorne's story, Rappaccini's Daughter, done by yours truly.

Have a great, productive summer!
Lance Tooks


consetta said…
the first image in this post is stunning and beautiful, very lovely. :)
i hope you are having a good summer, friend.
Thank you, Consetta... a big hug and belated seasonal wishes to you... keep up the beautiful work!

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