1989 is the number, another summer, sound of the funky drummer...

Let's set the wayback machine to Bongotime, and another of my unfinished symphonies. Here's a taste of Bongo Shock, about the fictional poet laureate of St. Albans, NY... he later turned up in my first published book, DANGER FUNNIES ONE (Cry For Dawn Press 1992) and in a cameo in my Graphic Novel NARCISSA (Doubleday 2002). The world was different back then... we were younger and dinosaurs still walked the earth, (Big Daddy Kane, Chuck D, Biz Markie... I'm talking 'bout you!). But it sure feels good looking back! (Click image to enlarge!)

...and what happened next? Beats me! I can barely recall what I did yesterday, let alone two decades ago! Hopefully, they lived happily ever after... same as we did!
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