African-American Classics is coming! First reviews are in... order now!

  • From their website, Library Journal highly recommends AAC.

  • And this one's from comics historian Paul Gravett, from his site.

  • Thanks for reading, folks! Here's a recent piece about my contribution to last year's Graphic Novel adaptation of Studs Terkel's Working, from the Stanford Graphic Nonfiction site.

  • And here's another.

  • The story of waitress Dolores Dante was one of my favorite pieces to work on... in fact, I had to fight to get her... my editor thought all the women's interviews should be interpreted by women. (Didn't bother me at all that the lone adapted Black interview was interpreted by a White cartoonist.) Thankfully, I was trusted to do Dolores justice... and I hope I did. More on the other interviews at this link to the Stanford site.

  • Best, Lance Tooks


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