Strange days indeed...

Hard at work on ANANSI'S DREAMBOOK, on various book proposals, and in a case of stranger than fiction, acting in a couple of TV spots for Spain's Turner Classic Movies. I play a preacher (which should make my mother awfully proud) and a rapper (well, maybe a bit less)... they shot me in front of a green chromakey screen, I'll let you be the judge as to how things turned out (Chamillionaire needn't lose sleep).

Here's a couple more bar sketches from Fin Del Mundo...

Had a great time in Granada at the Salon de Comics, my eleventh year in attendance.

Happy birthday, Seanie!
Lance Tooks


I LOVE the striped dress sketch... nice.
Thanks, Harry... reminds me of the little red number you were wearing when I met you.
Abha said…
Awesome :) the rapper look goes fly with you dude :-)

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