"He's a regular Harry Dean Stanton..."

...if such a thing exists!
  • Not long ago I shared a few war stories about my "not so brilliant career" as a movie actor.
  • Well, the plot sickens, as they say, because every time I think I'm out, "they pull me back in!" Among my recent adventures in over-acting were a pair of odd turns in Spanish station IDs for TNT. In the first one I'm a hellfire southern preacher, (sorry Mom, but this is as close as I'm ever gonna get), of course if Tyler Perry's casting any day soon, he should know I fooled the Spaniards pretty good!

    Then I made my small contribution to the de-evolution of Hip Hop with the other spot... I swore I was channeling Ice Cube, but it came out looking more like an unwanted member of the Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. (I dare you to Google them if you're too young to remember!)

    Anyway, they were a whole lotta fun to do... many thanks to my friends at TNT and TCM EspaƱa. They found out about me in the first place after spotting me in a very surreal short film I was in this year, entitled ALBERT WHITE, directed by Jose Skaf.
    The character I presented there could have easily been the illegitimate half-brother of Tony Soprano... he shows up to put the muscle on Pete, played by Dominic Graville (my choice for the next James Bond if Daniel Craig ever gets a hangnail)... the movie's still in the edit room, but it's already a fine piece of work, and I'm grateful to the filmmakers for letting me get my "Guido" on.
    "Speaking of Big Pussy..."

    Don't forget what they say about the camera adding fifty pounds... or was it the linguini?
    Maybe I'll post some videos here one day, once I figure out how...
    Meanwhile, back in the comics world, the web is abuzz with reviews of recent Tooks books.
    Here are a few links that I hope you'll find of interest...
  • A recent look back at NARCISSA.

  • A couple more thoughts about NARCISSA.

  • A most detailed look at Studs Terkel’s WORKING, a Graphic Adaptation.

  • More about WORKING.

  • WORKING reconsidered.
  • WORKING, in brief.

  • A look back at Mark Twain’s A DOG’S TALE (see Reviews).

  • Unrelated to any of this, I wandered over to the Toogle site and fiddled with their search function. Waste your own time playing with TOOGLE, here.

  • So that's my story... what's yours?
    Thanks for visiting,
    Lance Tooks


    sylvan said…
    way to keep us posted, lance! you're so witty! this is my first visit to your "spot", guarantee i'll be back!

    I love you Lance.
    If I ever have a biological child again, would you consider donating?
    Best offer I've had all millenium!
    Name your day and I'll be there with the dirty magazines and the little plastic cup :)

    Angharad Segura said…
    Right now i'm on that part were u r gonna be hit by the bowling ball :S i guess... hope it didnt hurt! :D... u rock, man!!!!
    Luckily I've got a much harder head in real life!
    U rock 2, artista!

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