Should you find yourself in Londontown...

...between October 9th and November 10th with time to kill, saunter over to the Swiss Cottage Library Gallery for a terrific art show that I've been invited to participate in!
  • “Grandma said,” a short story inspired by the Hurricane Katrina tragedy will be on display in its unfinished original form (page one pictured below), view the entire finished piece by clicking HERE.

  • Curated by talented cartoonist Paul Peart Smith, it’s a show you won’t want to miss if you’re at all interested in the history of Black comics characters and creators. “The collection coheres around black representations through the imagery and language of the comic book medium: representation as markers of both historical and contemporary struggles. The theme is developed through archival works from the 1930’s to the present-day and culminates with a display of the singular comic art of Patrice and John Aggs, Paul Peart-Smith, Woodrow Phoenix and Lance Tooks.” More info HERE.

  • Thanks, Paul, for including me in this wonderful exhibition!
    Enough chatter... here are a few recent bar sketches, created during some of my weekly nocturnal jaunts to Madrid's Fin Del Mundo pub! Cheers!

    Thanks for visiting, friends...
    Lance Tooks


    sylvan65 said…
    two thumbs up! (more if i had them)
    "behold" is so accurate, it's scary, but i absolutely love it!

    thanx for sharing lance, and cheers to a successful show!
    Thanks, Sylvan...
    ...great big hug from across the waters!
    garzia said…
    hola lance, qué buena pinta tienen tus aportaciones a la exposición!
    veo que el fin del mundo sigue dándote motivos para esos retratos tan personales que haces. gracias por compartirlos con nosotros.
    un abrazo muy fuerte
    Gracias, guapa...
    ...cuando vamos juntos al fin del mundo, Inés?
    Quiero pon tu retrato en mi galeria!

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