8-Track Flashback!

Here, for entertainment's sake, are a few moldy oldies from the days of Alley Oop! 
A lot's happened since 1980, when the photo above and the drawing below were committed to paper... most of it good. (Thankfully!) The photo's by my dad, Ed Tooks (with a slightly defaced Mort Drucker gem attached) while the following illustration (and accompanying poetic snippet) inspire me to hope I've grown up a bit in thirty years. (I've heard that it springs eternal, anyway.)

The rest are from a 1983 sketchbook, a variety of comix that lay bare my preoccupations of the moment. The next one for example, has proven to be more prophetic than I care to admit!

And now, a bit of satire in honor of the Nassau County Mounties 
and their timeless credo of "injured before proven guilty."
 Nothing was funnier in 1983 than Buckwheat. Really, you had to be there.

The Angry Alligator was a recurring character in that particular sketchbook, and the Ewoks had just ruined a perfectly good bit of summer escapism, so their encounter seemed inevitable. 
(If not all that memorable.)
 Here are a few random thoughts, strung recklessly together... at the bottom of the first page are 
caricatures of my brother Eric's Laurelton, N.Y. hangout crew, circa 1983.

 "EVA" was a friend's ill-fated Vampire story that I provided a few production sketches for. I'd say that  85% of the projects I've been involved with over the years never saw the light of day for one reason or another. I consider it a victory every time one does, though... so I keep on trying.

 Back in the Reagan Years, I worried a bit that politicians would guide us to apocalypse someday... 
but we know THAT could never happen!
I know it aint much, but hey... what were YOU doing thirty years ago?
Hope it was something fun!
Lance Tooks

(PS... here are two images from today... The protagonist of my adaptation of Aesop's The Lion in Love, and a couple of very pissed-off church deacons who've got a bone to pick with him. LT)


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