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What grows in Lucifer’s Garden?

In choosing a theme for my next graphic novel after Narcissa (Random House/Doubleday 2002), I decided to return once again to my 40 volumes of hardcover sketchbooks. I’ve been filling up these books at a rate of two a year for two decades, and they’re filled with literally hundreds of story ideas and character designs. I’d gotten the idea ten years ago to collect a group of my fantasy stories with a related theme into an anthology series, under the title “Demon Flowers”. It was to include the tales which eventually saw print in an altered form for NBM publishing, and a few yarns that didn’t.
In 2003 I pitched an unrelated piece to NBM, and veteran publisher Terry Nantier told me about his Comics Lit line of books and its guidelines for content. Sure that I had something appropriate in my personal cartoon encyclopedia, I promised to return with a better pitch.
Literally the night before our next meeting a few months later, I cobbled together a new title for the proposed book series: “L…

The Devil made me do it:

Knew either I'd finish this book or it would finish me...
...happy to report that I'm still standing.

Book 4 done.

Narcissa charms Granada

An exhausting but enjoyable weekend passed in Granada, where the graphic novel was embraced by the town that largely inspired it. Published by Ediciones la Veleta (the comics salon) & supported by the Diputacion de Granada and Junta de Andalucia (the government), a good time was had by all... more news as it develops.

While in Granada, I had the privilege of meeting in person, Sokari Ekine, editor of the very fine weblog "Black Looks". You won't find a better current affairs journal anywhere: at turns sharp, poignant, irreverent & informed... much like Sokari, herself. Check it out here:

Vamos a...

(Lets go to...)


Off to Granada mañana to premiere the Spanish edition of Narcissa. Here's the cover to the original Random House edition from 2002. This full figure version appears in a barely visible 20% gray on the book's back cover. It's cropped as seen below for the front cover. Something moldy from the vault.

TAJ: Girlfighter

A sketchbook drawing from the mid 90's became a 2003 Sequential Tart cover... it accompanied an interview about Narcissa & more... it's also available on a host of Cafe Press items available at the Sequential Tart website. The character, Taj, was a Bronx high schooler with a dream to be a boxer... maybe her story'll get told someday.
Tooks 2003 interview here: