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A baaad Mutha (shut yo' mouth)...

MUTHAFUCKA was a comics anthology I edited and published in 1998, showcasing the work of various friends from the New York animation world and fellow alumni of the High School of Art and Design. It was inspired by the black films, art and music of the 1970s, and among the many short pieces was my GO GIRL story.

Gloria Hendrixxx, A.K.A. Go Girl, Agent of P.H.A.T. had been kickin' butt in my sketchbooks since the '80s, and her time had finally come. Cheryl Lynn over at Digital Femme did me the honor of reprinting the first story over at her site. The tale begins here...
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For the rest of the tale click HERE:

Perhaps she will come back someday to keep our country honest!
Sure wouldn't hurt!
Lance Tooks