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Random Acts of Dark Cartoonery…

Here are a few glimpses at my current drawing board, as always, I’ll let the images do the talking.

These will ALL see print (in various context) during 2011 and 2012, I’m glad to be so busy, friends… truly having a ball!

Lance Tooks

FYI… here are a couple of links that I find pretty addictive… check 'em out if you like.
Google Image Ripper is a way to view images in a Google search instantly at their actual scale. Forgive the Narcissistic choice of search topic, but it gives an example of the value of seeing pictures at their intended size. Invaluable to reference junkies like myself.
The latest 50 images posted to Live Journal site is a real hoot, giving you just that, at random. What you get depends on where you live, so most of the images that I get to see come from European Live Journal pages, especially from Russia.

Happy Hunting! (...and Happy Birthday, Sean!)