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"Everytime I think I'm out... they pull me back in!"

After a bittersweet visit to the United States, (seeing family and friends was the "sweet" part,  all the rest was Trump and the Aryan hemorrhoids that dangle from his crack)  …I returned to Madrid for (drumroll) an art exhibition!  I'll be forever grateful to Margarita Gokun Silver and Elisabeth Louy for sharing their stage with me and making our show an amazing success. I'm honored to be in the presence of such gracious and talented creators! Click on their names for links to their sites and enjoy for yourselves.  I've been filling up two sketchbooks a year since 1982, my last days as an assistant editor at Marvel Comics, after cartooning legends Marie Severin and John Romita Sr, advised me that I should draw every day if I truly wanted to improve my skills. I've kept those books by my side through my many years of labor and travel, and can chart my own artistic and personal evolution over three and a half decades. Half diary and half "unlimited sour…