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Level the Vibes

A series of reggae album covers from the late 90's created for PowWow records.

Philosophical nights



One of my childhood heroes turns 80 tomorrow.

Roger Corman's film 'X- the Man with the X-Ray Eyes' inspired this tribute image:

I also started sketchbook 44 today... here's page one: the likely cover of my next graphic novel.

Shalom, everybody. Lance Tooks


"Narrated by hermaphroditic Lucifer ("Light-Bringer," à la similarly illuminating herm Tiresias in graphic novel marrying illustration + photo à la un/reality) pondering own relevance in face of (unambiguous) human atrocity (weight of real world pressing on superstition ) as apocalypse approaches (for him: end of fantastic face of evil – "man shall ascend"), summons hip-hop demons Beelzebub + Belial (Milton’s fallen angels; society’s rejects engine of soc’s downfall), who’ve cooked up scheme to tempt arts activist (w/illo Tooks’ diabolical plot to spur personal Armageddon thru work) Black Lily (mixture of im/purities; temptation testing own motives in creating) Baptiste (cleansing/initiatory function similar to Luc’s); switch in voice to hers (emergence of Luc’s fem-side – mirrored on opposite pages/panels – as he becomes purely masculine, fem influence in world to counter macho-fueled destruction), introducing self + community (explosion of devil + demons’ ow…