Monday, April 02, 2012

April Fresh...

  • Hi! Here's a drawing I just did for the BookPorn Facebook Group (click HERE) which is not a porn group unless you're turned on by bookstores and all the wonders therein. Thanks to Jennifer Clark and Craig Yoe for making it possible. Remember, Reading is FUNdamental!

  • I'm still hard at work on my Claude McKay bio and accompanying piece about dance in Harlem for an upcoming comics anthology entitled "The Bohemians." Here's one of my dancers as originally drawn, then as she'll appear with partner in the finished layout. For me there's no subject in the world more beautiful. As always, click images to enlarge if you like.

    I'm also finding the time to continue with my "magnum opus," the incredibly off-the-wall but timely saga of "Thug Midwife!" Pictured here, the indescribably cartoonogenic star of the story and his supporting cast of various Blue Bacon.

    And finally, more Vampyre action, inspired by John Polidori's classic short story. For a bit more info on all of these projects, just scroll down a bit... but keep returning to this journal and all shall be revealed to interested parties. Pictured, Ruthven the Vampyre and his main course, the poor gal. Gulp!

    And with a final swoon, I'm outta here! Hope the link above works for you... with their new "Timeline," Facebook's got more bugs than Dracula's basement! Thanks again for visiting... hope you're enjoying fine weather wherever you are!
    Lance Tooks