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HOLLYWOOD: My (not so) Brilliant Career…

A couple of weeks ago I auditioned for Steven Soderbergh’s new pair of films based on the life of Che Guevara. A friend had tipped me off that they were casting here in Madrid, and even though I hadn’t given acting a second thought in ages, I thought, “Where’s the harm?” I soon found the answer while doing my first cold reading in almost thirty (cough!) years. The role was a very small one, an African American military officer between 35 & 40, and my lines consisted of scowling into a video camera about how “we’ll turn those Bolivians into US grade Special Forces,” while bragging that “we’ve got the best chopper pilot in Nam.” I did three takes, and the last one being the best, was forwarded to Mr. Soderbergh. A few days later the casting agent very politely called to tell me what I already knew… that the part had gone to someone else. Someone more worthy, I’m sure, because my reading was so mechanical it surprised even me! Let’s forget for a moment that I’m roughly 75 pounds too…

Unpublished symphony: part one...

From 2002, Brooklyn, New York, before the war.
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Lance Tooks

La Boca Del Lobo...

For the entire month of September I've got 26 pieces hanging in La Boca del Lobo (, a terrific dance club in the center of Madrid. They're open Wednesday through Saturdays after ten, the address is Calle Echegaray 11 & their information number is 914 297 013.

The first weekend was terrific! There was a tribute to Fela Kuti last Saturday & the music (as always in that spot) was fantastic... if you like James Brown, P-Funk and company... and I know you do. The artwork was culled from a ten year period, from the 1990's til' about 2001, my pre-computer days.
Here's a brief sample of what you'll see:

I'll be looking for you!
Best, Lance Tooks