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Happy Birthday, Kimmy!

In addition to it being my very talented little sister Kim's birthday, this date marks the twentieth anniversary of the publication of my first original book, DANGER FUNNIES ONE. Published by the incredible Do-it-yourself creative team of Joe Monks and Joseph Michael Linsner in 1992, DANGER FUNNIES was my first attempt at writing and illustrating a Romance comic, in a moment when the genre had mostly fallen out of favor with the public. Monks long ago encouraged me to call it a "self-published book," but I've always been grateful to "the two Joes," who with their popular CRY FOR DAWN imprint, helped me find a way to get my peculiar cartoons out into the marketplace. Ten years after leaving Marvel Comics, I was finally confident enough creatively to complete a personal project and "leap into the fray"... and I haven't looked back since. So, in celebration, (feel free to throw confetti if you like, eggs if you dislike) I present to you the entir…

I figured they'd catch up to Tooks eventually...