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You're history...

Just in time for the close of Black History Month, I stumbled across an old online bio of yours truly, from the 2008 edition of Contemporary Black Biography. I've illustrated it with a few recent bar sketches and links to other biographies follow.

Lance Tooks
Graphic novelist, cartoonist
Lance Tooks was born into a family where art was as essential as brushing your teeth before bed. "[My father] saw all the arts as being completely interconnected," Tooks recalled in an interview with Denise Sudell for the on-line comics magazine Sequential Tart. From almost the time he could speak, Tooks was given creative assignments to complete—plays, paintings, poetry. It gave him a wide range of artistic talent, but one driving desire. "I always knew I wanted to be a storyteller," Tooks revealed to Contemporary Black Biography (CBB). To do that he chose a single art form—comics—since the age of 16, he has worked diligently on his craft, filling hundreds of sketchbooks wit…

1989 is the number, another summer, sound of the funky drummer...

Let's set the wayback machine to Bongotime, and another of my unfinished symphonies. Here's a taste of Bongo Shock, about the fictional poet laureate of St. Albans, NY... he later turned up in my first published book, DANGER FUNNIES ONE (Cry For Dawn Press 1992) and in a cameo in my Graphic Novel NARCISSA (Doubleday 2002). The world was different back then... we were younger and dinosaurs still walked the earth, (Big Daddy Kane, Chuck D, Biz Markie... I'm talking 'bout you!). But it sure feels good looking back! (Click image to enlarge!)

...and what happened next? Beats me! I can barely recall what I did yesterday, let alone two decades ago! Hopefully, they lived happily ever after... same as we did!
Lance Tooks