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Ed Tooks

Ed Tooks, my father would've turned seventy today. He died in 1996, a fact I actually had to look up on the internet because I've never felt the need to remember that date. But every year on the 27th of June I celebrate the old man and the many gifts he left me. (pictured below left to right George Tooks, Ed Tooks & the rest of the Genies crooning their way across Canada in the very early 60's)

He was a true renaissance guy; a painter, writer, photographer, musician, singer, composer, poet, video artist, audio-tech, screenwriter, dancer, theatre producer & award-winning playwright. He created much of this work in collaboration with his brother George Tooks, an equally impressive creator who continues to inspire and entertain folks across America with his various projects, including an ongoing lecture series on Black & Native American history. (below, Lenga Tooks, 'LenGa being an abbreviation of Lawrence E 'aNd' George A Tooks, & only bill collect…

Way too young...

Condolences to the family of Dan Epstein, a good writer who honored me with an interview about my work. I used to hunt down his interviews all over the internet.

Remembered here:
And here:

Our interview here:

Lance Tooks


Have a look at my character sketches from Harvey Pekar's upcoming comic about the Beat Poets. More 'white negroes' than you can shake a stick at! Coming soon:

I'm only contributing a page or two, but glad to be included.
Lance Tooks

The rain in Spain...

...falls mainly on my internet provider, meaning that everytime it rains in Madrid, I lose web service for a couple of days. All my very special thanks to the brains at Telefonica (Pictured above).
Comicbookbin on Lucifer's Garden Vol. 4: Between The Devil & Miles Davis