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Lance Romance?

If you judge by my comics, I suppose I came by the nickname honestly. I've always been a fan of romance comics and much of the work I've done to date falls into that category. Here's a piece from 1998.

Click HERE to read and weep...

Now here's a REAL golden oldie from the 1980 High School of Art and Design Yearbook... I couldn't even write an old fashioned boxing story for my cartooning major without gettin' all mushy. Some kids never grow up... (click to enlarge)

There's plenty more where that came from, so I'm gonna rest my case. Here's an image from my NBM Graphic Novel "LUCIFER'S GARDEN OF VERSES Volume 3: The Student (or Nude descending a Staircase... Head First)" Try sayin' that ten times fast...

Guilty as charged, your honor!
Happy Valentines Day!
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