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Where were YOU in '82?

While an Assistant Editor at Marvel Comics, I began to fill up two hardcover 'Grafitti' sketchbooks a year, with ideas, concepts, designs & freeform sketches. I'd been advised by legendary mentors Marie Severin & John Romita Sr. to draw everyday... and I took their words to heart. Beginning in 1982, the forty-five volumes that followed have taught me much, charted my creative development, acted as a personal diary, & gotten me a ton of work!
From book one, this brief autobiographical strip:

More to come!
Lance Tooks

Back to the ol' drawing board

Well rested, thanks... with 2 new graphic novels in the oven & a possible high profile collaboration in the works. More soon.

In stores now: Lucifer's Garden of Verses vol#4: Between the Devil & Miles Davis,
Graphic Classics vol#1: Edgar Allan Poe (revised edition) a 5pg collaboration with editor Tom Pomplun,
Chimurenga vol#9 special Comics issue of a South African arts publication featuring 9 pages of Tooks.

New & unusual reviews of:
Lucifer's Garden of Verses vol#3: The Student
...complete with scenes acted out radio-style from the book! (Ron Evry's podcast- scroll down to #8)
Lucifer's Garden of Verses vol#4: Between the Devil & Miles Davis (a conservative take on Tooks)
...and, this just in: (another look at the Devil & Miles.)

Here's wishing you a bearable summer, Lance Tooks