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Okay... where was I?

It's always Africa-Hot here in Madrid in August, but it's still my favorite month, because with most Madrile├▒os away on vacation, I feel as though I've got the entire city to myself. The last few months have been nuts in Spain, the nation's economic woes closing in tight around most everyone I know. But what else is new?

I finished my Claude McKay comic for Verso's upcoming anthology, "The Bohemians," and am hard at work on a 15 page companion piece about the pioneering dancers Katherine Dunham and Pearl Primus.

"African-American Classics," the comics anthology of great poems and short stories by Black authors, that I helped to create for Graphic Classics continues to receive critical raves and if you haven't got your copy by now, I strongly urge you to get one quick! You won't be sorry!  Publisher Tom Pomplun has also reprinted my adaptation of "The Bottle Imp" for his updated edition of the collected works of Robert Louis St…