Wednesday, October 07, 2015

A Virtual Tour of the October 2015 Lance Tooks Art Exposition...

Get ready for a staggering number of amazing photos of my latest art show at the magnificent Taberna Fin Del Mundo on Calle Doctor Fourquet 28 in Madrid, Spain! It runs the entire month of October, with a closing Halloween Party at the end of the month, so I urge you to stop by and take part! All Prints are for sale at 200 euros a piece, 150 each if you buy more than one. Also on sale is the Spanish language version of NARCISSA for only 10 euros a pop! These pictures should vividly convey what it was like for all who attended (you have my deepest thanks, of course) and a good time was truly had by all. As always, I'll keep the chatter to a minimum... suffice it to say that I took all the photos myself, with the exception of any that appear at all professional... those were shot by my dear friend Sabrina Zanardini!
Half of the pieces on display are new ones, not featured in my April - June shows at Bar Donde Chelo earlier in the year. Sergio Rivas at Amarillo Pollo did the usual beautiful job turning my illustrations into posters,
 and I laid them out on my sofa same as last time to give them one last look before hanging.

And now, see for yourself... Taberna Fin Del Mundo is one of my favorite bars in Madrid, and I passed many an hour sketching there, creating work that would eventually find its way into a host of comics projects over the last half dozen years. Thanks to Carlos, the host with the most, for all of the help and encouragement over the years. I'm honored to show my work in his bar, after all, so much of my art has been inspired by the comfortable setting and lively clientele! Scroll freely through the photos... perhaps you'll see someone you know! 
Thanks to all who came for making the event a rousing success!

Perhaps it's nostalgia, but I've been doing more than a few superheroine drawings of late! It's a nice change from my current project, the long germinating Thelonious Monk biography for Duke University Press, and I've been getting a bit of a kick out of the switch. I have another Art Exhibition coming up the last weekend in October, in of all wonderful places, the town of Bari, Italy... if you're in town I urge you to stop by for their festival of Jazz and Comics... it features my work on MONK, images from my graphic novel NARCISSA and art from LUCIFER'S GARDEN OF VERSES VOL. 4, BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND MILES DAVIS, as well as live music and the best Italian food! Perhaps I'll see you there!

As always, thanks for stopping by... hasta muy pronto!
Lance Tooks