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"He's a regular Harry Dean Stanton..."

...if such a thing exists!
Not long ago I shared a few war stories about my "not so brilliant career" as a movie actor. Well, the plot sickens, as they say, because every time I think I'm out, "they pull me back in!" Among my recent adventures in over-acting were a pair of odd turns in Spanish station IDs for TNT. In the first one I'm a hellfire southern preacher, (sorry Mom, but this is as close as I'm ever gonna get), of course if Tyler Perry's casting any day soon, he should know I fooled the Spaniards pretty good!

Then I made my small contribution to the de-evolution of Hip Hop with the other spot... I swore I was channeling Ice Cube, but it came out looking more like an unwanted member of the Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. (I dare you to Google them if you're too young to remember!)

Anyway, they were a whole lotta fun to do... many thanks to my friends at TNT and TCM EspaƱa. They found out about me in the first place after spotting me in a very surreal …