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Memory lane aint what it used to be...

Summer's coming... and with it, "the Big Push!" Next week I'll be announcing a lot of major projects for 2014, all to be completed by the end of the year. But first a quick look back to the swingin' 70's...  First, a self portrait created for Thomas Naegle's cartooning class at the High School of Art and Design. I imagined myself as Hamlet, taking arm against a sea of very 70's troubles. Opposing them did not end them, I'm afraid. Below, an adaptation of Superman the Movie, drawn from memory after seeing it the very first time. In those pre-home-video days that was one way to re-experience a favorite movie.

I got into trouble with the school Dean for the unforgivably anarchistic act of defacing my I.D. Card with a 3D image from a box of cereal. I'm not proud of my misspent youth, but after decades, I peeled back the photo to peer into the eyes of a very worried 14 year old at the start of his studies.

If I could go back there I'd tell him…