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Minton's Jazz Greats...

Monk may be the star of the next book I'm working on, but a few other giants turn up for a visit too!
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Lance Tooks

November 2013...

Still hammering away, folks... coming soon will be a pair of dueling divas in the short piece by Aesop, The Tortoise and The Hare... raise your hands if you THINK you know how this one goes!
The Lion in Love, The Fox and The Grapes and The City Mouse and The Country Mouse are all done... with a lot more to come next year! Can't wait to hear what you think... hope you like them!

I spent last Saturday night helping my friend, storyteller Miriam Lyle create these "story cards" for kids, and for her wonderful Story Factory Project in Spain. Click here for details!
And finally, I'm chipping away at the monster that is MONK... Thelonious, of course! Here's another image to hopefully pique your interest... it's going to be a fun read! Thanks again for your support!
Lance Tooks

PS... in Memorium, Beverly Coleman... beloved mom to my lifelong friends, The Sims family
(I love you always and I'll miss you.)