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It's been six months since my last confession...

"Where the hell have YOU been," you might ask? (Photo by David Nevin)
When last we met, I was announcing a show of drawings from my Graphic Novel NARCISSA at Rutgers University, and a signing\slideshow presentation in New York of THE BOHEMIANS anthology for which I created illustrated biographies of Claude McKay, Katherine Dunham and Pearl Primus... I thought for sure that I'd be there in the flesh for both last spring, but an unscrupulous lowlife publisher (who shall remain deservedly nameless) put a kink in my plans by deciding to play fast and loose with the money they owed me for a recent book. And this, after working so well together our first time around. (...sigh...) Blindsided by this, I had to cancel my trip home, which wouldn't have been so bad, had I not been forced as well to miss my nephew Sean's graduation from art school in May. (Boo hoo, I know... but for me that's going to be pretty much unforgivable.) I'm glad to report that all events an…

Rutgers Reception on the 29th!

Narcissa admirers (and art lovers in general) should drop by Rutgers University to check out an amazing 4-month group show that I'm a part of. In addition to never before shown original art from my 2002 Graphic Novel, there are planned screenings of my recent work as an actor in Spanish short films. I can't attend the January 29th opening but will most definitely be there for at least one of the Third Thursday Public Receptions between February and April. Can't wait to see you!
Publishers Weekly shares a bit about the event HERE, while Rutgers chimes in HERE at their site.
Happy New Year,
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