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Minton's Jazz Greats...

Monk may be the star of the next book I'm working on, but a few other giants turn up for a visit too!
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Lance Tooks

November 2013...

Still hammering away, folks... coming soon will be a pair of dueling divas in the short piece by Aesop, The Tortoise and The Hare... raise your hands if you THINK you know how this one goes!
The Lion in Love, The Fox and The Grapes and The City Mouse and The Country Mouse are all done... with a lot more to come next year! Can't wait to hear what you think... hope you like them!

I spent last Saturday night helping my friend, storyteller Miriam Lyle create these "story cards" for kids, and for her wonderful Story Factory Project in Spain. Click here for details!
And finally, I'm chipping away at the monster that is MONK... Thelonious, of course! Here's another image to hopefully pique your interest... it's going to be a fun read! Thanks again for your support!
Lance Tooks

PS... in Memorium, Beverly Coleman... beloved mom to my lifelong friends, The Sims family
(I love you always and I'll miss you.)

What happens in Jersey City...

This time last year I was back in the States for an expedition. Among my many savage adventures, I spent time in a heretofore uncharted patch of jungle known as New Jersey. There I encountered a coven of thankfully uncivilized cartoonists indigenous to the area, that gathered weekly to drink beer and foment wicked magic using the medium of comix. As all evildoers do, they record their exploits in an online blog, @
For your benefit, (or perhaps for mine) I'm sharing a few of the improvised jams I participated in... as you'll see when you follow the link, nothing is sacred in New Jersey.

Thanks to Geoff Mosher for letting me tag along, and to the rest of the Jersey City Tribe for not tossing me into a pot!
Happy Halloween, Lance Tooks

8-Track Flashback!

Here, for entertainment's sake, are a few moldy oldies from the days of Alley Oop!  A lot's happened since 1980, when the photo above and the drawing below were committed to paper... most of it good. (Thankfully!) The photo's by my dad, Ed Tooks (with a slightly defaced Mort Drucker gem attached) while the following illustration (and accompanying poetic snippet) inspire me to hope I've grown up a bit in thirty years. (I've heard that it springs eternal, anyway.)
The rest are from a 1983 sketchbook, a variety of comix that lay bare my preoccupations of the moment. The next one for example, has proven to be more prophetic than I care to admit!

And now, a bit of satire in honor of the Nassau County Mounties  and their timeless credo of "injured before proven guilty."  Nothing was funnier in 1983 than Buckwheat. Really, you had to be there.
The Angry Alligator was a recurring character in that particular sketchbook, and the Ewoks had just ruined a perfectly …

A Day in the Life...

Here's a step by step set of images from yet another work in progress,  detailing how I sometimes tell a story. Just click to enlarge.

It's going to be a four-page introductory chapter for a long gestating project called SHALOM.
I'll post it here soon, when the last page is done.
Best, Lance Tooks

And now for something completely different...

The Madrid Writers Club is one of the perks of living in crazy-ass Spain. Meeting every Tuesday, you get to share stories and beer with talented folks while practicing your craft. You share information about the market, offer tips and encouragement and, often do a bit of free-writing based on verbal (and in this case, visual) cues. I provided the drawings here, and each writer took a 10-minute shot at crafting a tale to complement the image. For example...

Andrew Leon Hudson 1 The kids dress up in the clothes they find and pretend the house is theirs, that they are married too. He imagines the tracksuit fits, that he is tall and lean and long-armed, strong-legged. He does some job that needs tools, like building a new bridge across the river that separates their neighbourhood from this one, where the rooms wide and the ceilings are high and babies have toys that are new and sleep in their own beds, not their brother’s. She wears the summer dress like a ball-gown, its hem hiding her ol…

On the Summer Drawing Board...

Up to the usual no-good this summer... creating contemporary adaptations of AESOP'S FABLES for an upcoming volume of The Graphic Canon... here's a taste of the work in progress...

 In addition to the obscure THE LION IN LOVE, I'm retelling the sour tale of THE FOX AND THE GRAPES Tabloid-style, and THE CITY MOUSE AND THE COUNTRY MOUSE against the unlikely backdrop of the Russian Mafia.
 For Eureka's Graphic Classics, I'm having a ball illustrating Joe R. Lansdale's scary DOG, CAT, and BABY, about a homicidal housecat. How great to be adapting a living author for a change!

 I finally got the go-ahead for my graphic biography of the genius THELONIUS MONK, written by David Berger and published by Duke University Press. it'll run between 120-140 pages, and here's another taste to whet the whistle.

There's plenty more to tell, but I'll leave it at that, for now... have a great summer!
Lance Tooks